Workforce understanding and employee engagement…simple to complex

To provide communications counsel, strategy and tactical execution, ROC Group taps marketing, cognitive science, behavioral economics and adult learning – as well as our service TAANSA℠.

Employer Branding and Value Proposition

What’s your workforce? Multi-generational, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-country. In offices, plants, on the road, outdoors. Collaborating online or face-to-face. ROC Group helps you shape and share the unique and rewarding aspects of working at your organization. We bring your story to life.

Performance and Pay

Career trajectories, salary management, sales compensation, executive incentives, equity programs…you want people to understand the vital link between performance and pay. You want to build clarity for how you are recognizing the value individual contributions make to the success of the enterprise. At ROC Group, we understand and simplify the complexities of compensation.

Employee Benefits

Can there be anything more personally critical than employee benefits – and more at risk to be under-appreciated and misunderstood? We don’t think so. Benefits deserve the full force of marketing, education and behavior engagement. Whether in sickness or health, wealth or struggle, thriving or striving, ROC Group guides employees and their families to understand how to take full advantage of this huge part of their total pay.

Change Management

From small changes to seismic transformation, employees are often the last to know, yet on the front line of customer influence. ROC Group consultants partner with your executives, change leads and internal communicators to convert the rationale for change into compelling, resonant messaging employees can trust, support and drive.