Navigate the simplest and most complex employee engagement needs

ROC taps marketing communications, cognitive science, behavioral economics and adult learning, as well as TAANSA℠ to offer communications counsel, strategy and tactical execution in the following categories:

Employer Branding and Value Proposition

Workforces today are increasingly variable – multi-generational, multi-cultural, multi-country, multi-lingual. They work in offices and on the road, in plants and outdoors. They collaborate online and face-to-face. Through it all, ROC works with you to shape and share what is unique and valuable about working for your company today. From surfacing the values that drive your culture to creating the recruiting campaigns to attract top talent, we help you bring your company’s story to life in all the touchpoints that matter most.

Pay and Performance

ROC helps you illustrate the vital links between pay and performance. From broad-based programs to executive incentives, we understand how compensation plans work and delight in helping your workforce understand them, too. We work with you to create clear, compelling and actionable collateral, from infographics to annual packages, for recipients who range from shift workers to executives in the C-suite. We develop interactive training that builds deep understanding with front-line supervisors and other managers, so they are credible and confident messengers on this important topic.

Employee Benefits

ROC offers all aspects of benefit communication services, from health and well-being campaigns to complex, multi-version enrollments; from financial wellness to retirement readiness, and everything in between. We view benefits as a tangible expression of an employers’ commitment to the total well-being (physical, mental, psychological, financial) of the workforce. We love helping benefit teams communicate simply and efficiently, working together to demystify topics too often dismissed as boring or complicated by the very people you most need to reach.

Change Management Communications

ROC supports you as you prepare and communicate aspects of organizational changes to employees, from the HR implications behind mergers and acquisitions to the impact on employees from new technologies. Working with your executives and change leaders, we help you convert the rationale for change into compelling and emotionally resonant messages for employees and, depending on the change, customer and communities. We partner well in the often-ambiguous and frequently changing atmosphere surrounding major change, while helping you stay on time and on track.