Testing your trust

Courtney Thompson
February 2, 2021

The annual Edelman Trust Barometer was recently released and although it confirms many things we already know – the data this year tells us that this is the moment to focus on trust.

A lack of trust is at all all-time high and it is challenging all of our societal institutions – business, government, NGOs and media. There is also declining trust in the world’s largest economies – U.S. and China. And although mistrust in business exists – there is some hope. Which means some opportunity.

This year’s data tells us that business is the most (and only) trusted institution, this creates an opportunity for employers to lead and to work to restore the overall lack of trust in the world.

What makes trust, breaks it or builds it in your organization and culture?

Do you have communications in place that address your trust challenges, engage your employees and build pride and relationships within your organization?

At ROC Group, we spend a lot of time thinking about trust and how to create communications not only that reflect the culture of an organization, but that are relevant and credible, and appeal to and motivate employees.

Here are a few trust-building tactics that you might find helpful to know, and to do.

Three Things We Know About Building Trust with Communication

1. The messenger is as important as the message – if you want to be heard, route your message through a credible, respected messenger.  

2. All communications are local. Yes, just like politics – relevance is critical for success.

3. In this new normal, more is more – send frequent updates, even if the message is “we’re still working on it…”

TAANSA℠, Trust and Your Employee Communications

ROC Group developed TAANSA℠ to help us think about smarter communications strategies and solutions. TAANSA℠ combines neuromarketing, story science and more to help develop communications that build trust and get attention. Below is just a short example of how TAANSA℠ can be applied to communications.

·  Evaluate your voices and your delivery channels – do they match what your employees use? Trust? Prefer? Are they relevant to the new ways of working?

·  Do your communications grab attention? Are they visually appealing?

Come talk to us about what we do and how we do it. We like to share our thoughts. Trust us.

Courtney Thompson
Managing Consultant
A former communications executive at Boeing, Courtney Thompson has spent nearly two decades helping large employers communicate with clarity and urgency during a wide range of crises and change.