To be or not to be… in your employee communications

Courtney Thompson
August 31, 2020

As we move to a more permanent state of working and living in a COVID-19 world, it is unfathomable to think about the many challenges and stressful situations that are now part of our everyday life.

We are dealing with remote and/or hybrid school learning, remote working, and ongoing virus outbreaks, which are changing our schedules each day. Add the stresses in our nation like racial unrest, an economic slowdown and the upcoming presidential election. Given this extraordinary list of worries, how can you best communicate with your employees so you can make their work experience as stress-free, easy and engaging as possible?

William Shakespeare doesn’t get a lot of play in employee communications, but we could all use a smile, as well as an easy way to remember things you can do right now – every day, every time, and at every opportunity.

To Be or Not to Be? The answer is BE!

Be clear – call out action and deadlines so they are easily noticed.

Be consistent – use the same tone, timing and messenger(s).

Be visual – use graphics to help tell your story.

Be empathetic – find ways to provide flexible/alternative work arrangements when needed.

And most of all,

Be kind – we are all human and we have bad days, bad moments, and schedules that are changing at a moment’s notice.  

Your employee communications help create and support your company’s culture, so find ways to BE!

Courtney Thompson
Managing Consultant
A former communications executive at Boeing, Courtney Thompson has spent nearly two decades helping large employers communicate with clarity and urgency during a wide range of crises and change.