Digital journeys elevate benefits experience

Their story

Employees and retirees did not fully appreciate the quality of benefits at a multinational medical devices & health care company, despite a rich portfolio of programs and resources.

Focus groups revealed high levels of frustration stemmed from an online benefits experience that was deeply fragmented and hard to use. The benefits team knew improvements were needed, yet timing and budget constraints prohibited the soup-to-nuts redo they thought was the only solution.

How we helped

  • Digital strategy
  • Employee focus groups
  • UI/UX design
  • Content development
  • User testing
  • Website programming
  • Communication campaign


ROC created a custom portal to serve as a new “front door,” guiding audiences through content and transaction journeys according to user-selected profiles that reflect benefits status, such as employee or family member. The new portal relied on existing content, to save money and time, but organized content and key links in new ways.


Positive response

Increased utilization across nearly 40,000 employees and retirees in the U.S. and Puerto Rico

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