Interactive digital for enterprise transformation

Their story

A multi-functional change management team was challenged to drive usage of real-world data by researchers and other scientists in a highly competitive field, subject to intense scrutiny.

While the dedicated change team drove the enterprise transformation from within the company, they called ROC to help create an internal marketing campaign designed to grab attention in new ways.

How we helped

  • Communication strategy
  • Focus groups
  • Creative workshop
  • Story structure
  • Messaging & positioning
  • Interactive video
  • Content development
  • Story map


To save time and money, ROC created a one-day immersion process to quickly capture issues and perspective across multiple audience segments. Using those insights and the change team’s detailed analysis, ROC developed persona-specific message frameworks that told the “why change” story from multiple stakeholders. The frameworks shaped the development of interactive assets that let users pick their own path to discovery.


Widespread satisfaction with video’s role as a relevant teaching tool

Message framework expanded into a portable exhibit for multiple locations

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